Visiting your Doctor and Managing Appointments with In-Home Care


They may appear marked on our calendars, stored as reminders in our phones or even jotted down on stray pieces of paper. Understandably, keeping up with doctor appointments may not feel like much of a highlight, though the importance of doing so remains nonetheless. A visit to the doctor’s office can certainly require some planning and rearranging, but making sure you go as recommended plays a key role in personal wellness. Whether the appointment be with your eye doctor, primary care provider, chiropractor, dentist, physical therapist or specialist, arriving promptly and prepared is advised to help make the experience run as smoothly as possible. Of course, maintaining appointments isn’t always that simple, especially when impeding health factors or conditions are at play. With assistance, however, keeping up with these important visits can become less strenuous and more relaxed.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we understand how staying on track with routine medical care benefits everyday health. We are happy help individuals requiring care find the services they need to live their daily lives, and matching those that seek in-home care with compassionate caregivers is our specialty. Many times, simply getting to appointments can be a challenge. In-home care recipients have the option to select transportation as part of their care plan, and our Aqua Home Care team is able to find caregivers from our registry to meet such needs and more. We match individuals with trusted, professional caregivers who can help with everyday needs as well as offer assistance with:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making sure the client is dressed comfortably and appropriately, along with required personal protective equipment
  • Providing reminders for any pre-visit instructions given by the doctor (ex: no eating after a certain time, taking medication, drinking fluids, etc.)
  • Arranging for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, if needed
  • Providing safe transportation to appointments
  • Providing support when getting in and out of the vehicle
  • Filling out any necessary forms
  • Being a companion before, during and/or after the appointment
  • Being present, if requested, to ask, answer and write down any questions
  • Providing transportation to the pharmacy so that prescriptions can be filled or refilled
  • Helping follow any instructions given by the doctor after each appointment (ex: eating certain foods, limiting or increasing exercise, medication reminders, etc.)
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments

Meeting with your doctor, whether you require frequent visits or only go every so often, should remain a routine part of your wellness regimen. From assistance with scheduling appointments to everything thereafter, Aqua Home Care will find the support and care you need to help make each visit as manageable and as pleasant as possible.

Recent Testimonials
Robert Colombo

My dad’s nurse was wonderful! We are truly grateful for Aqua Home Care! Thank you!

Timothy Myers

Aqua Home Care has a Great team, they are always quick to help.

Paddle Up Pickleball

Aqua Home Care has extremely professional care givers that LOVE caring for people of all ages.

Linda Clark

I’m presently using this wonderful agency for my mom, and I’m so grateful for Aqua Home Care! This is truly a valued service.

Tony Mendez

Aqua Home Care made sure my mothers comfort and care was top level. I highly recommend Aqua to care for your loved ones.

R Ruhgster

Aqua Home Care took care of the transition from the rehabilitation hospital to home for our mom, and we couldn’t be happier.They have been great!

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