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Compassionate care at Aqua Home Care is not merely a service; it’s a philosophy that permeates every interaction. We understand that every individual faces unique challenges, and our caregivers are committed to offering more than just physical assistance. Compassion, in our eyes, means recognizing the emotional and psychological aspects of care, providing a listening ear, and fostering an environment where individuals feel understood and valued. Compassionate care is the cornerstone of our approach at Aqua Home Care. It means going beyond routine tasks to truly connect with those we serve. It involves understanding the intricacies of each person’s story, acknowledging their fears, and celebrating their triumphs. Our caregivers in Melbourne are not just skilled professionals; they are compassionate companions dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those under our care.

Home Hospice

Hospice care, a specialized form of compassionate care, takes center stage when individuals are facing terminal circumstances. It’s not about giving up but about choosing a path that prioritizes comfort, pain management, and the quality of life in the final stages. Aqua Home Care understands that hospice care is a deeply personal choice and offers services that resonate with the values and wishes of the individual and their family. Hospice care differs from traditional care in its focus on providing comfort and support when curative treatments are no longer viable or desired. It’s about cherishing every moment, ensuring dignity, and offering a peaceful environment for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses. Aqua Home Care’s hospice care services are tailored to provide solace, companionship, and relief from pain, affirming our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Facility Hospice

In Melbourne, Florida, our hospice care services extend beyond physical comfort. Aqua Home Care strives to create a comforting haven where individuals and their families find emotional support, spiritual solace, and compassionate companionship. We recognize the significance of being surrounded by loved ones during these challenging times and endeavor to make every moment as meaningful and comforting as possible.

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Yes, all care providers must pass a Level 2 Background Screening (requires fingerprinting). Aqua Home Care ensures care providers have met all state requirements prior to being registered and referred to clients. Once registered, they must maintain all credentials in order to remain active with the Nurse Registry.

Yes, we work with all Long Term Care Insurance companies. Aqua Home Care assists clients and family members throughout the entire Long Term Care (LTC) claims process. This includes checking policy benefits, submitting care logs, invoices and other required documentation to help expedite reimbursement for services.

Yes, Aqua Home Care is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry and is bonded and insured. Additionally, referred care providers carry individual professional liability policies and must meet all credentialing requirements set forth by the state.

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Aqua Home Care took care of the transition from the rehabilitation hospital to home for our mom, and we couldn’t be happier.They have been
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Aqua Home Care has extremely professional care givers that LOVE caring for people of all ages.
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