Aging and Safe Driving: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

It’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, and during this time an emphasis is placed on the importance of safe driving for aging adults. Aging impacts key factors that play a vital role in one’s ability to get behind the wheel. As the years go by, senses of hearing and vision, movement and range of motion, […]

Seasonal Preparations, Celebrations and Care at Home

Its the season of giving thanks, and as this Thursday nears preparations are well underway. Near and far, homes are being readied for incoming guests, foods fit for a feast are being purchased, and time is being taken to reflect upon and express gratitude. With much to accomplish before this week’s annual celebration, local stores […]

All Treats and No Tricks with Aqua Home Care

Have no fear, Aqua Home Care is here! Our team makes it our mission to ease any frights about finding quality in-home care services. We understand the overwhelm individuals may experience when it comes to making sure a reputable provider has been selected and about finding a trusted support system. Taking the first step may […]

Beyond Bedtime: Care and Supervision Throughout the Nightly Hours

We each have our own set of well-established nightly routines. Giving the house a quick once-over, laying out clothing that’s to be worn the following day, completing personal care tasks such as brushing teeth and washing up and taking nightly medications are just a few finely-tuned regimens that may begin once the day comes to […]

Caring for Your Loved One (And Yourself) with Respite Care

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When someone we love finds themselves in need of support with activities of daily living, it is only natural to want to help them as much as possible. From morning routines to nightly rituals, there is a wide-range of tasks, movements, and chores that […]

Weather Watching: Navigating Peak Hurricane Season with Aqua Home Care

Mid-August through mid-October brings months of being especially alert and on guard when it comes to seasonal weather impacts. The 2022 peak hurricane season is upon us, and while the state of Florida has been in the clear thus far we remain watchful for these intense storms. Weather experts continue to monitor for storm development, […]

Types of Care Providers: Conscientious Referrals for the Care You Need

Receiving care at home is a very personal experience, and one that should be personalized based on each individual. Assessing care needs, tailoring care plans and referring caregivers is something our Aqua Home Care team approaches with mindful consideration. Individuals seeking support at home may be wondering which type of care provider is best able […]

Frequently Asked Questions When Inquiring About an In-Home Care Company

When seeking care services at home, you want to be sure that you truly consider what your needs are and how you expect those needs to be met. Here at Aqua Home Care, we encourage all prospective in-home care clients to consider their own personal care needs, services they require and their expectations when making […]

Seasonal Storms and In-Home Care: Plan, Prepare, Protect

As Floridians are well aware, not every day in The Sunshine State is filled with sunshine. Summer time in Florida is no stranger to storms and rain showers. More so, from June 1st through November 30th residents are especially watchful for potential weather hazards. Hurricane season is here, and when alerts go out and watches […]

Additional Assistance for Those in Assisted Living

Whether it be a matter of aging or other factors, many individuals find that assisted living communities are an appropriate placement for themselves or for their loved ones. While staff is available to provide support, residents of these facilities live fairly independent lifestyles. Those who opt for assisted living benefit from having an on-call aid […]